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Jamelia Gay

Founder & CEO, Jamelia Gay Coaching Inc.

Host, On Purpose Retreat

Hi, I'm Jamelia, Founder and Managing Director of Jamelia Gay Coaching, and I AM a black woman who realized I matched an ADHD profile in my adulthood. I started ADHD and Executive Function Coaching because I was inspired to motivate, empower and support other adults who are seeking clarity and strategies for their daily experiences. I am here to guide you through the process of self-exploration and the co-creation of proactive, long-lasting strategies.


ADHD can compromise your ability to pay your bills on time, complete assignments, communicate effectively, engage socially, follow through on plans, regulate emotions, and more. These challenges can become compounding and may negatively impact familial, romantic, business, peer relationships, and your perception of self. Whether you are diagnosed with ADHD, have been experiencing Executive Function challenges, or are a loved one of someone with ADHD, I will provide strategies to enhance support.


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Nik-Keisha Moodie

Founder, The Higher Heights Experience

Speaker at the On Purpose Retreat

Nik-Keisha comes with a wealth of experience and an unstoppable passion to empower her audiences to grow. She has years of experience in the financial industry and specifically in educational institutions. She has empowered students & professionals in her workshops on topics such as money management, budgeting, and investments. Inspiring professionals on how to best support students by offering financial literacy workshops is what she considers a calling.


Her clients are non-profit organizations, start-ups , small businesses, educational institutions, and millenials families. Her mission is to empower her clients to embrace generational wealth and inspire them to achieve their financial goals while leaving a legacy. Nik-Keisha is determined to leave no one behind.

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Francesca Serwaa

Founder, Ignite Counselling Services

Speaker at the On Purpose Retreat

Francesca Serwaa is a compassionate and empathetic Social Worker who has been practicing professionally since 2016. Throughout her professional career, she’s recognized society’s lack of emphasis placed on members of the Black community and the stigma associated to their mental health needs. This has resulted to her launching her private practice to focus on debunking the stigma associated to seeking therapy in the Black community. Francesca’s message of overcoming adversities is driven by her personal and professional experiences in the areas of grief, trauma, depression and addictions. Her transparency as it relates to her personal journey gives a face, voice and hope to those who’ve yet to recognize their emotional and resilient strength. She is the Founder of Ignite Counselling Services, which is focused on providing dedicated and non-judgmental counselling and therapy supports to members of the Black community. Francesca believes that now is time for future generations to no longer suffer in silence during their time of need and to not be fearful when it comes to seeking supports.

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Aleshia Ali

Founder, Sweat with Leesh

Mindfulness and Dance Fitness Instructor at the On Purpose Retreat

Sweat with Leesh is a wellness brand that promotes mindfulness and movement as a part of one’s lifestyle. Aleshia has been leading movement classes since 2016, and always manages to infuse a bit of her Caribbean background into class by creating routines to soca, dancehall, reggae, and Afro beats. It has been Aleshia’s mission to continue to promote health and wellness and the importance of movement, but from a standpoint of joy and stress relief and radical self love.

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