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Welcome 2 The Jungle Juice

Welcome 2 The Jungle Juice are hand crafted signature cocktails curated by Teisha McKennon. We have flavours in guava/pineapple and mango/coconut. Both are alcohol infused #welcome2thejungle

Aklarihs Charcuterie

At Aklarihs Charcuterie we create and cater beautiful artisanal charcuterie boards for private events and corporate functions. From charcuterie cones/cups to Grazing Tables/Islands, we do it ALL! We are CFIS certified and insured.  Conveniently, located in Mississauga, ON, and servicing the GTA and surrounding areas, we pride ourselves in making scrumptious and elegantly designed charcuterie that are sure to add a wow factor!   We offer customizable options for each board and we cater to a variety of dietary restrictions. With Aklarihs Charcuterie, you can Graze the Way you Like, with confidence in our ability to provide beautiful boards made with premium quality cured meats, cheeses and accompaniments. 

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Diamond Rose

Business Owner | Mentor | Nutrition | Beauty | Home & Personal Care


If you enjoy finding new products that fit your lifestyle, you'll love what's in MyShop!

Big Girl Interrupted

Big Girl Interrupted is a community that is dedicated to inspire you to uncover what is interrupting your life. We empower you to disrupt the patterns that have impaired your ability to achieve and grow. Learning to stand in your power, discovering your authentic self.


We help you understand and create the vision you want to see, live and achieve for yourself with the tool of a vision board to help you create your roadmap to success. 

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Party and Bash Balloon Co.

Party & Bash Balloon Co. provides quality balloon decor and event rentals for events in the GTA and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in providing top notch customer service while also making sure we take the load off of you on your special day. 

Mobile Craft Party

Mobile Craft Party guides art & craft entertainment experiences for private parties, corporate events & workshops in and around the GTA.  Our packages are highly customizable to fit all themes, ages and genders. Our values are Philanthropy, Creativity, Collaboration, Quality, Leadership & Entrepreneurship. Our Mission is to deliver a unique arts & craft experience to our clients and guides. 


Iconic Beauty Bar


The Iconic Beauty Bar is an innovative approach to the beauty industry, infusing professional beauty services with our luxury full-service bar. 
Our unique cocktail menu was inspired by various flavors and liqueurs worldwide. We offer a wide range of bar services including our exquisite cocktails, mocktails, and wine and champagne list.
Our certified Beautician team is dedicated to providing quality salon services at your convenience.
Our mission is to build confidence and empower all while delivering an iconic experience.

SeaMoss Blends

SeaMoss Blends is a holistic company that provides sea moss products such as sea moss gels, herbal-infused gels, soaps, body butter and much more. Our sea moss is wildcrafted and sourced from the Caribbean.


Nokubu Botanicals


Nokubu Botanicals is a skincare company focused on high-quality body care products with a focus on translating simplicity to luxury. Inspired by Caribbean beauty and wellness rituals, Nokubu Botanicals strives to promote healthy skin from head to toe, as well as create a wonderful sensorial experience and inspire confidence.

Get it Girl Vision

Get it Girl Vision is a sisterhood that inspires like minded women who have the same vision. 

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