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Who Can Benefit From Coaching?

Coaching sessions are for individuals facing challenges and experiencing anxiety and overwhelming feelings. In your individualized sessions, we will work together to meet your goals. You will benefit from Coaching if you are:

  • Struggling to focus in school and complete assignments

  • Having difficulty paying attention in conversations

  • Frequently interrupting others when they are speaking

  • Unable to complete (or begin) projects and tasks

  • Missing deadlines at work

  • Struggling with time management

  • Experiencing minimal motivation

  • Facing challenges in building relationships

  • Displaying impulsive behaviours and low frustration tolerance

  • Having difficulty controlling your emotions

1-on-1 sessions are custom-tailored to your needs. We will work collaboratively to identify active and achievable goals, enhance your strengths, create personalized strategies, and reframe your mindset. Each coaching session will take you from confusion to clarity, chaos to coordination, and lack of conviction to confidence.


Discover the reason Jamelia Gay Coaching Inc. is the right fit for you.

Discovery Call

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20- minute Complimentary Call

In our 20-minute call, I will share how and why my strategies work. I will provide clarity on how ADHD & Executive Function Coaching works to create lasting support and balance and the ways our sessions will transform your life.


In need of more information? That's no problem. Schedule a Discovery Call to learn why Jamelia Gay Coaching Inc. will help you thrive!

Client Consultation


60-min Consultation

Have your experiences, mindset and behaviours negatively impacted your daily life? In your consultation, I will lead you through an ADHD self-screener to identify your areas of need and create actionable short-term and long-term goals.


Think you may have ADHD, but you're unsure if you match an ADHD profile? Find clarity when you book your 60-minute Consultation.

Professional Development

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Workshops and Staff Training

Educators are in a position to build self-confidence in children with ADHD using child-centric curricula, strength-based strategies, and inclusive interventions. Increasing the educator's awareness can increase the student's self-confidence and performance. 


Let's discuss how Jamelia Gay Coaching Inc. will equip staff and ECE students with ADHD awareness and tangible tools to overcome challenges. 

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