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Supporting Your Child with ADHD and Executive Function Challenges


Pay what you can


1.5 hours


About the Course

Welcome to our workshop on supporting children with ADHD and Executive Function challenges during the holidays. The festive season can be overwhelming for children with ADHD. As parents/guardians, it can also be overwhelming for you to identify and decide which supports may work best for your child(ren). In this workshop, we will explore practical strategies to make the holiday season enjoyable for both parents and children.

Your Instructor

Jamelia Gay

Jamelia Gay is an educational consultant, workshop facilitator, ADHD and Executive Function Coach, and the Founder and CEO of Jamelia Gay Coaching Inc. Jamelia is passionate about empowering her clients and provides trauma-informed, evidence-based, and inclusive services to co-create individualized strategies for success. As a former childcare supervisor and a Registered Early Childhood Educator with a Master of Education, Jamelia creates physical and virtual spaces that foster leadership and learning. Her educational workshops include How We Show Up: Working through Procrastination, Handling Rejection and Receiving Feedback, and ADHD: Paradox to Possibility.

Jamelia Gay
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