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About Me

I am an ADHD Professional Coach, trained under pioneer, expert, and co-founder of ADHD Coaching, Carol Gignoux, M.Ed.

ADHD Professional Coach Designation

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Hi, I'm Jamelia Gay, and I provide ADHD and Executive Function Coaching, as well as educational consultancy services in Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, and the USA. Through my coaching program, I will teach you to transform your life with On Purpose Thinking and coach you to master your focus, working memory, impulsivity, emotional regulation, task completion, and self-confidence.


I serve my clients by providing high-quality, edifying, individualized, and inclusive services to diminish self-doubt and boost self-forgiveness, self-awareness, and self-development. I am also the co-founder of Global Empowerment Initiative, a non-profit organization that is geared towards the universal empowerment of children, women, and men in vulnerable and marginalized communities.


My mission is to provide inclusive and equitable opportunities for mentorship, advocacy, empowerment, and edification for adults, children, families, and educators.

Coaching with me will help give you clarity, deal with your challenges, and focus on your strengths. 

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